Jul 12, 2010

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Moves in the Field US Figure Skating Rule Change September 2010 Pre Pre – Pre Juvenile

Moves in the Field US Figure Skating Rule Change September 2010 Pre Pre – Pre Juvenile

September is fast approaching – is your skater ready for the US Figure Skating Moves in the Field change? Are you hoping to quick get in one last test session before September?

The new Moves in the Field changes go into effect September 2, 2010, less then two months from today! There have been revisions at some levels, eliminations of moves, and new moves created. The goal of creating the new moves was to introduce skaters to more types of turns in figure skating, such as loops and twizzles,which were previously not on any Moves test. There are also new criteria to be met depending on what level the test is. There is more focus on continuous flow and turn execution.

Below I will outline only the moves that will be changing at each level from Pre-Pre through Juvenile. I will post about Juvenile though Senior next Monday.

Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field Test: No Changes

Preliminary Moves in the Field Test- Aerial view of a crop circle

1. Forward and Backward Crossovers: Previously this move was two separate patterns. It is now combined into one pattern. The skater will perform forward crossovers, 4-6 on each circle in the figure 8 pattern. After completing the forward crossovers, the skater will perform a swing roll and change of edge to a Mohawk in order to turn backwards and complete the figure 8 in both directions backwards.

USFS Video Here:Preliminary – Forward & Backward Crossovers

2. Forward Eight Circle: This is a new move. The move starts from a standstill. The skater pushes onto a right forward outside edge and completes one forward outside figure 8. When the skater returns to the center after completion of the second circle, the skater performs a forward inside figure 8 by pushing onto a forward inside edge, repeating the previously skated circle. The circles should be equal in size.

USFS Video Here Preliminary – Forward Circle Eights

3. Alternating Backward Crossovers to Back Outside Edges: This has been changed so the skater no longer has to go around the entire rink. The skater is required to just complete one length or the rink (four or five lobes).

No Video

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Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field TestA view of the crop circle from in the field

1. Forward and Backward Power Perimeter Stroking: The forward and backward power stroking used to be two separate patterns counterclockwise around the rink, one forward and one backward. These moves have been combined; the forward power stroking is on the first half of the rink and the backward is on the second half, making it one pattern instead of two.

USFS Video Here Pre-Juvenile – Forward and Backward Perimeter Crossover Stroking

2. Backward Circle 8- This is a new move. It begins with the skater pushing from a standing still onto a right back outside edge and completing a backward figure eight on an outside edge.  When the skater returns to center at the completion of the second circle, he or she then performs a backward inside figure 8 by pushing to a right back inside edge, repeating the previously skated circle.

USFS Video Here Pre-Juv – Backward Circle 8

3. Five-Step Mohwak Sequence- This move used to be the full circumference of the ice; now the skater will only have to complete one half of the rink (1/2 of the previous pattern).

No Video

Are you ready for the rule change? Are you testing before Sept. 2010 ? Which MIF are you focusing on right now, the new or the old?

Photo Credits:
Field: ronnieb on Morguefile.com
Swiss Crop Circle: Kecko on Flickr.com Creative Commons
Crop Circle Detail: NeilsPhotography on Flickr.com Creative Commons

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  • Jessi

    I'm so glad I completed the forward/backward crossover moves years ago (it's on adult pre-bronze) that mohawk would likely STILL keep me from passing Pre-bronze (I'm working on silver now). I think this change will make the pre-bronze test MUCH harder for many adults to pass. The 5-step mohawk tends to be the hardest move on the bronze test, and now they've added in a mohawk (that is moving much faster due to crossovers) to the pre-bronze test.

    Just in general, the moves are so skewed towards skaters who rotate in a certain direction. I wish you had the option of going either way around the rink. I have more problems with end patterns (turning to start the backwards side) than I do with many of the moves themselves. If I could go the other way around the rink, that problem disappears entirely.

  • icecoach

    Hi Jessi,

    Congrats on passing the Pre Bronze test. Good luck with silver. The mowhawk will make it a little harder but I think combining the two patterns was a good idea! I see your point where some of the patterns only have you go counterclockwise which could be a dis-advantage for a clockwise rotating skater.

    Ice Coach