Sep 13, 2010

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Moves in the Field- Figure Skating Rule Change-Junior

Moves in the Field- Figure Skating Rule Change-Junior

September is here– is your skater ready for the US Figure Skating Moves in the Field change?

The new Moves in the Field changes went  into effect September 2, 2010.  There have been revisions at some levels, eliminations of moves, and new moves created. The goal of creating the new moves was to introduce skaters to more types of turns in figure skating, such as loops and twizzles,which were previously not on any Moves test. There are also new criteria to be met depending on what level the test is. There is more focus on continuous flow and turn execution.

Below I will outline only the moves that will be changing at the Junior level. The new moves in the field rules are now in effect.


1. Forward and Backward Outside Rockers -(not counters; they are easy to confuse). In fact I’m going to make that a future post “The difference between a counter and a rocker.” Okay back on topic, only a minor change here. The skater now performs two backward cross strokes after the forward outside rocker. The primary focuses are power and edge quality.

2) Forward and backward inside rockers- No change

3) Power pulls with quick rocker/rockers-No change

4) Choctaw sequence-No change 

5) Backward Loops -These are new and they come from figures. Does anyone else think backward loops are easier then forward? A loop is a tear drop shape that is formed on the ice within a circle by staying on the same edge throughout the circle. Loops are typically half of a blade length in width and one and a half blade lengths tall.

The skater will complete the backward outside loops down the first length of the rink.   The skater starts from a stand still position and then will do a left forward outside three turn into three back inside  rolls.  The last back inside roll is followed by a right back inside change of edge into a right back outside loop.  The skater changes edge and pushes on a left back inside edge into three more back inside rolls followed by a left back inside change of edge into a left back outside loop.  This sequence is repeated down the long axis of the ice. 

On the second half of the pattern the skater  executes backward inside loops.   Starting from a stand still position the skater will do a right forward inside three turn into three back outside cross strokes.  The third cross stroke is connected to a back outside change of edge into a left back inside loop.  Next the skater then executes a small change of edge push into three more back outside cross strokes. Right back outside is first.  The third cross stroke is  connected to a right back outside change of edge into a right back inside loop.  The sequence is repeated down the long axis of the rink.

Since all this text means nothing to many of you, I have posted a video below. It is not the best quality, but still very helpful. The videos can also be found on the US Figure Skating website.

Junior – Back Loop Pattern Video! (You will need Windows Media Player)

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6) Straight Line Step Sequence- This is a brand new pattern and was developed to show all of the turns a skater has learned thus far by incorporating them in one step sequence.

 This move is best done down the center of the ice (long axis). Starting from a standstill, the skater will do two strokes and then execute a right forward outside rocker and cross forward (left foot over right) to a left back inside rocker, followed by a left forward inside counter.  Then a right back outside double twizzle (2 rotations) step forward on the left foot to a left forward outside chase to left forward outside swing counter.  After the counter, the right foot crosses in front  followed by three clockwise toe steps and another cross in front to a right back inside edge.  The skater then steps forward onto left forward inside then to a right forward inside for a right forward inside twizzle with with a 1-1/2 revolution followed by an edge pull to change edge into a right back inside double three turn.  Lastly the skater completes a left back inside rocker followed by a left forward inside rocker and then a right back inside loop.  The step is then skated again down the ice starting on the other foot, but either foot may be done first.  WHEW. If you followed that, good for you. If not, the video is below!

Junior – Straight Line Step Video!

Have you tried any of the new junior moves patterns? What do you think of the loops and the new step sequence?

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