Sep 19, 2010

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Moves in the Field- Figure Skating Rule Change-Senior

Moves in the Field- Figure Skating Rule Change-Senior

September is here– is your skater ready for the US Figure Skating Moves in the Field change? This is my final post in this series of the New Moves, because I finally reached Senior!

The new Moves in the Field changes went  into effect September 2, 2010.  There have been revisions at some levels, eliminations of moves, and new moves created. The goal of creating the new moves was to introduce skaters to more types of turns in figure skating, such as loops and twizzles,which were previously not on any Moves test. There are also new criteria to be met depending on what level the test is. There is more focus on continuous flow and turn execution. This post includes videos as well!

Below I will outline only the moves that will be changing at the Senior level. This test should be very strong and look like a performance.  The new moves in the field rules are now in effect.


1) Sustained edge step-No change

2) Extension Spiral Sequence – The existing pattern remains only now a foward outside spiral has been added to the pattern. It only effects the last lobe of the original pattern so not much to worry about here. After the triple three turn into a forward outside edge, followed by an inside three turn. A forward crossover is skated into the forward outside spiral.  Please see video below!

 Senior – Spiral Sequence Video

3) Backward Double Three Turns to Double Inside Rockers-No Change

4) Backward Inside Double Three Turns to Double Outside Rockers-No Change

5) Serpentine Edge Step Sequence-BRAND NEW- Entrance Optional. Begin with a right forward outside three turn followed with a  lft back outside double three with a cross in front to a right back inside edge. Next is  clockwise toe steps and another cross in front to a right back inside edge.  Then step forward on a left foward outside lobe (choctaw)and do a right forward inside two and a half revolution twizzle ending on a  Left back outside/ cross behind into a left back outside three turn.  The Left back outside three turn will is followed by a series of 5 quick Mohawks followed by a short left back inside edge. Step to right back inside edge and complete  a right back inside counter into a right forward inside rocker.  Then a left back inside edge, wide step into right back inside rocker, to a right forward inside mohawk, to a left back inside bracket.  Then you weitch arm positions and cross behind to do a right forward inside bracket to a right back outside counter followed by left forward outside cross in front &  right forward outside cross behind.  Finally a right forward inside to left back ouside edge  (open choctaw) to left back outside to right forward inside (closed choctaw). Then a right forward inside counter pushing into a left back outside double twizzle and finally a right back inside loop. If you followed this I give you 5 gold stars!! If your totally lost like I am, watch the video below.

Senior – Step Sequence Video

Have you tried any of the new moves in the field tests? What do you think? I am wondering how the judges will be the first time they are judging the moves!