Mar 25, 2012

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Aidas Reklys Presents Frozen Dreams Show for Fundraiser in Wisconsin

Aidas Reklys Presents Frozen Dreams Show for Fundraiser in Wisconsin

Aidas Reklys presented his show Frozen Dreams as a fundraiser to help build a new rink in Sun Prairie Wisconsin Saturday March 17th, 2012.

The event was brought to Sun Prairie thanks to the hard work of Reklys and, the group started talking about hosting a fundraiser for the proposed two-sheet hockey rink in December 2011.

Some of the skating stars that will appeared in the show include Reklys; Akop Manoukian, three time Aremenian National Champion; Maverick Eguia, 2010 Phillipine National Champion and 2011 Phillipine Olympic Team member; Tomoki Hiwatashi, the current reining United States Intermediate Men’s Champion; and Lexis Verhulst, the 2012 Upper Great Lakes Regional Silver Medalist.

“It is not often we have professional level skaters here,” “In fact Stars on Ice and Disney on Ice don’t even come to Madison anymore, only Milwaukee.”

Some Sun Prairie locals also performed during the Frozen Dreams Ice Show as well. Bridget Davidson and mother-daughter team Melissa and Sabine Westermeyer will be representing the Southern Wisconsin Figure Skating Club, and Brookelle Ternus, Tove Westermeyer, Katriel Sutton, Ethan Dorn, Sarah Jensen, Ally Anderson and Katie Guld will be performing as part of a synchronized skating team. Davidson and Melissa and Sabine Westermeyer participated in the Chicago show as well.

“I like that I got to try something new,” Sabine Westermeyer said about performing in Chicago. “I had never done something like that [skate in a professional show] or skated in the spotlight, so it was a new experience for me.”

“It was nice to see that the skaters…were just so low key about the whole thing,” Melissa Westermeyer said. “You could see they really had fun skating.”

“There was some pretty impressive skating,” Camber Davidson said. “…It was just a fun, entertaining night, something that was right here in our community.”

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Embarking on a new era
The Sun Prairie Ice Arena has been a home to the city’s skaters for almost 35 years, but due to increasing maintenance costs and an increased demand for ice time, a new building with more space and parking is needed for the 673+ annual rink users.
According to Jeff Thornton from the Sun Prairie Youth Hockey Association, just under $2 million has been raised from the sale of the old building and various fundraising efforts.

Donations have poured in from the various teams and leagues that use the ice arena, including $40,000 from the Old Buzzards Hockey League and approximately $200,000 from youth hockey. Thornton also said negotiations are currently going on for a donation from the Sun Prairie Varsity Hockey Booster Club.

The proposed two-sheet hockey arena would benefit not only Sun Prairie hockey teams, Camber Davidson said, but figure skaters and synchronized skaters as well. She said with one sheet of ice, her daughter and the other students in the Southern Wisconsin Figure Skating Club have to travel often to practice during the winter months. Team members have traveled to McFarland, Verona, Oregon, Sauk, Waunakee, even as far away as Wisconsin Dells, just to find some ice to practice on.

“Especially during the hockey season, it is impossible to find places to skate, and having two sheets of ice in Sun Prairie would mean that the figure skaters would have a year-round home,” Camber Davidson said. “Tomorrow [March 6] is the first time we are back in Sun Prairie since hockey started. We haven’t been there at all – we’ve been traveling to other rinks, other communities, and it kills me every time we go down to Verona. I’m there for two hours and we end up spending money in that community rather than in our own community. We want to keep the money home.”

“If we could build this rink and have two sheets of ice, we could potentially have a sheet and hockey could have a sheet and there would be no fighting over who gets the best times,” Hineline added.

In addition to providing more opportunities for Sun Prairie youth to skate – be it in hockey, figure skating or just for fun – Camber Davidson said the proposed hockey rink would also give Sun Prairie the chance to host a regional figure skating competition, and because the competitive figure skating season runs from summer to fall, it would not interfere with the hockey season.

“A rink is a real important part of a community,” Camber Davidson said. “If you grow up in a community without a rink, you don’t learn to skate in Wisconsin.”

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