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New figure skating sites to launch in April

Ice Mom’s Adventures in Figure Skating is a popular and growing blog for figure skating parents. Launched in 2008, the practical, informative site has grown to over 20,000 page views each month. The blog has answered questions like: How much does figure skating cost, How to find a professional for boot fitting, How much figure skating ice time is too much, and How to deal with rink bullies. The blog includes figure skating product reviews and sewing instructions as well as fun posts like inappropriate figure skating music.

On April 3, Ice Mom will move her blog to IceMom.net and launch three other sites: IceCoach.net, IceGirlBlog.net, and SynchroMom.net. The four sites together are Rinkformation, an online source of practical information for figure skating participants, coaches, and parents.

Every Monday, each writer will focus on one topic and cover it from her unique viewpoint. Ice Mom will continue her popular Wednesday feature, Ask the Expert, where figure skating experts will write about and answer questions on topics like judges, pole harnesses, and summer camps. Every Friday, Ice Mom will post Ask the Ice Moms, a post where a panel of figure skating parents responds to a reader’s rink problem.

The blogs will launch with a reader contest. Readers are invited to e-mail their most embarrassing rink story to info@rinkformation.net. Rinkformation writers will read the entries and select the funniest reader story as April’s winner. The winner will receive a figure skating blanket and blinged-out hard blade guards, the story reprinted in Rinkformation’s monthly newsletter, and recognition on all four sites.

Rinkformation is also starting a free, monthly, opt-in newsletter for its readers. The newsletter will feature the best posts from the month as well as the month’s contest winner and runners-up.

Rinkformation is accepting ideas for the Ask the Expert feature, guest posts, advertisers, and figure skating questions. Send all inquiries to Diane (IceMom) at info@rinkformation.net.